Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stupid Friday Funny

Stupid millionaire woman
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The world is full of stupid people. In the Western world, millions are getting dumber and dumber every day.

Often the international heartland of stupidity is cited as being the United States of America.

stupid american spelling signs
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The following video does a quick survey of the collective American Intelligence, with astounding results.

Certainly it is stupid people in cars who end up in the most trouble with the American Judiciary.

racing car getting booked
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Talking on a cell phone in your car is certainly a stupid thing to do.

drive into tree cartoon
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Here is a great compilation video of all sorts of things that stupid people do.

By now, you are probably wondering where on earth all these stupid people come from ?

Well "Yahoo Answers" found us the solution in record time.

stupid factory where stupid people are made
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Speaking of answers, here are some great ones from some very confused people.

Now in all fairness, it's not only the Americans who are stupid.

Check out the responses to the question about Triangles by the German guy in the following video.

Many people are blaming the Internet for the recent exponential rise in general idiocy and stupidity. Could this possibly be true?

internet makes you stupid guys
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The sheer numbers of the stupidity maths equation are reason for concern.

How can we possibly estimate the volume of stupidity in our own local area?

power of stupid people crowd estimate
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Next time stupid people are annoying you, just remember what the wise old owl always says.

no such thing as stupid question
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I'm off now to do some mental gymnastics to stave off the onset of any further stupidity this weekend.

Big Passy Wasabi

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