Friday, May 27, 2011

A Muddy Friday Funny

Two girls in black mudpacks
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In our part of the world it has been raining all week and getting very muddy. So here is a dirty little Friday Funny that will slip by quite quickly.

Here at Passy World we love mountain bike riding, but Face Planting in mud certainly doesn't look like a good idea:

Bike mud face plant
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This little piggy went to market, and that little piggy stayed home; but this little piggy is a clean freak!

Pig in gum boots
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With winter sports we expect a bit of mud, but where's the boundary between a wet soccer pitch and a mud bath?

Muddy Girls Soccer
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Motocross is a great mud sport, and this guy thought he'd get stuck right into it. (Obviously a "beginner boy").

Bogged Motocross
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Mud wrestling is of course the ultimate muddy messy affair.

Even the spectators of winter sports can't resist the fun, and happily get a splattering.

Muddy Kids sitting
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If you really like what you've seen here, then the Louisiana Mud Fest in the American deep south needs to be your next holiday destination.

High heels and mud have never been a good combination, but this situation looks particularly nasty.

High Heels Bogged Car
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Here is some conclusive proof that four wheel drives are definitely NOT
"Go Anywhere" vehicles.

Bogged 4WD
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Not exactly sure how these "mud pack" treatments are supposed to increase female beauty, as the before shots never look too flattering.

mud pack face
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Here's the latest all over "mud pack" beauty treatment for budding summer beach babes.

weird mud girls in africa maybe
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And here's how the girls looked at the end of that amazing process.

Bikini Babes
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That's enough mud slinging by us, time to go wash the car!

Big Passy Wasabi

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