Friday, May 6, 2011

Scratch "Knock Knock" Joke

Click the Green Flag to hear a Great Joke.

This is a basic conversation programming project in Scratch that can be made as follows.

We make the first person talk for two seconds, then while the other person is talking the first person waits for two seconds.

We then continue this pattern until the end of the joke.

Here are the Script blocks for the "Duck" who is telling the joke.

Duck KK Script

Here are the Script blocks for the Girl who is receiving the joke.

Girl KK Script

The girl sprite was edited in the Scratch Sprite Editor, and the Eraser tool used to remove the lower half of her body so that she fitted in the house window correctly.

Here are some notes about how we set up the "House" Background on the stage.

Stage Script Code

Here is a copy of the House Background if you would like to use it.

(Simply click the image and then save it using your web browser).

House JPG

Some good web sites for getting "Knock Knock" jokes are the following:

So scratch around for some Knock Knock jokes, and have some fun making one yourself.

Big Passy Wasabi

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