Monday, May 2, 2011

Scratch Short Story - Part 3

Welcome to the final part of our Animated Short Story made using Scratch.

Click the top right hand corner green flag to start, and then let the story run through to completion. Use the top right hand corner red stop sign to stop the animation.

This post contains the third of a series of three tutorials that will result in our final completed short story.

In this third tutorial we build "Scene 2" of our Story. In this scene the characters are in the desert, and the story finishes with a final "To be Continued..." message on the screen.

The work done here to build "Scene 2", uses the skills learned during completion of the Part 1 and 2 tutorials.

The following YouTube tutorial shows the steps required to build the Animated Story shown at the start of this post.

Note that by adjusting the bottom right hand controls, it can be viewed full screen in HD. (Press Escape to return to this blog page when finished).

Here are the completed Script code blocks for the Duck's animation in Scene 2.

Duck S2 code

Here are the completed Script code blocks for the Cat's animation in Scene 2.

Cat S2 code

Here are the completed Script code blocks for the Scene 2 Stage.

Stage S2 code

Here are the completed Script code blocks for the "End of Scene 2" message.

EO S2 msg code

If you want to use your own character Sprites, then they need to be around 50 pixels by 50 pixels in size for Scratch.

(Use either Adobe Fireworks or Photoshop, or the free downloadable program "GIMP" to do this).

For using your own Backgrounds, there is a requirement that they be exactly 480 pixels x 360 pixels in size for Scratch.

This probably means that you would need to resize your own background in Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, with "Constrain Proportions" not ticked.

See our Tutorial on Backgrounds at the link below for detailed instructions on how to do this.

Here are the links to the two other parts of our Animated Story Tutorials.

Short Story Part 1 Tutorial

Short Story Part 2 Tutorial

Make sure you give our tutorials a go, by downloading and installing the Scratch Development Environment for free on your PC from the following link:

You'll definitely have some fun telling your own little story with Scratch.

Big Passy Wasabi

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