Friday, June 10, 2011

Can You Bear It Friday Funny

Take that imposter
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Hope your week wasn't too unbearable..... and if you can possibly bear it, this Friday's funny is all about our good friend the bear.

Let's start at the beginning with cute cuddly teddy bears. They are reliably there for us in our earliest years, and always so obedient.

Everyone loves to share and care for their teddy bear, but do you think you could bear having Mr Bean as your full time companion?

Moving right along to another all time cutie: the Panda Bear.

Dog as Panda
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Be warned that just like any other bear, it is best not to upset the Panda Bear; that is unless you want to see his dark side.

In fact Pandas can do some fairly jackass things when they are let loose, as happened not so long ago in Japan.

Polar bears aren't nearly as smart as Panda Bears!

polar bear falling over on ice
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But black bears are real smart. They even know how to ride bikes.

bear stealing a bike
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And they know where to get their fast food, (even if it takes a while).

bear at picnic table
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It has been known for a long time that bears are excellent fishermen.

baby bear with fishermen
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Outsmarting a bear in the fishing stakes isn't easy, but it certainly can be done.

Man is indeed king of the beasts, and always triumphs.

If you can possibly bear another video, then watch this fabulous Yogi Bear movie trailer.

We'll bet this Friday Funny has been so funny, you can barely stop laughing!

Enjoy the weekend, because come Monday it's time to bear the load of another long working week.

Big Passy Wasabi

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