Friday, June 3, 2011

Gaming Friday Funny

Otter using computer
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This week we are taking a funny look at computer games.

Since it's Friday, let's start off with this one. It's bizarre but kind of funny: "The Black Friday" video game, kind of a bad hair day meets Mario game for the modern working woman?

Is this what reality gaming is becoming?

Reality Gaming Poster
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So what kind of people become video gaming addicts?

Fat Gamer Guy
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And it's not just the guys becoming gaming addicts. Here's a timely health warning to all the lady gamers out there.

before and after fat pic
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Even pets and animals can become addicted.

dog with headset
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So what's next in computer gaming?

There are several new hybrid games being developed for mixed markets, such as "Grand Theft Mario". Here is a sneak preview of what crossover gamers can expect.

As part of this upcoming "GTM" release, there will also be "Mario Kart San Andreas" bundled in as part of the package.

Passy's World has been lucky enough to get an exclusive pre-release preview of this hybrid game as well.

For fans of mathematics and Venn Diagrams, here is the lowdown on computer games:

Graphjam Venn Diagram
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There has also been extensive mathematical research into why certain people always lose at computer games.

Graphjam Pie Chart
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Here is a great video all about the player types that participate in a typical group online game such as "Counter Strike".

All true gaming nerds build there own high performance gaming PC's, as we have done several times here at Passy World.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skills or funds to undertake this high-tech hobby successfully.

Broken Computer
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Then there are the gaming consoles like X-Box and Nintendo Wii to consider budgeting in as well.

2 consoles but a tiny TV
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Our final video is not a computer game, but was a funny animation we found along the way researching this week's Friday Funny....which we just had to include here.

This Flash animated parody of the "What is Love" song has very clever animation and backing tracks, with some great computer game animation as well.

That's it for another week, and this weekend it is definitely "Game On!"

Big Passy Wasabi

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