Friday, July 15, 2011

Amazing and Puzzling Friday Funny

two girl so bugger maze
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This week we are taking a funny look at Puzzles and Mazes.

So let's start off with something really simple.

Stupid maze drawing
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You will be absolutely amazed at this video. We certainly were!

Make sure you watch the whole video, and have the sound up nice and loud... lol.

(Not for the faint hearted, people with heart conditions are strongly advised to skip this one.)

Everyone just loves a good Maze game.

Check out this video if you don't believe us.

Here is a video from "The Crystal Maze".

In this show people are locked in a room, and have to solve a puzzle to get out, or in this case do an actual maze as the puzzle.

Here is an epic fail from the Crystal Maze.
Obviously this guy failed every science electronics class he ever took.

This next video must be one of the all time biggest epic fails on Crystal Maze ever !

Jigsaw Puzzles are always a load of fun.
But this little furry guy is having a bit of a confusing time.

Sorry cat for breaking stuff
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Here is a picture of the Vase that the cat was talking about.

Broken Vase puzzle
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That cat sure is a real little trouble maker!

Cat steal jigsaw puzzle piece
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The Rubik's Cube has been one of the most amazing puzzles ever.

But for some dudes, solving the cube requires a bit of lateral thinking.

Dog chews cube
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The cube provides indisputable proof that cats are much smarter than dogs.

Cat does Rubiks easy
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Certain non-Rubik approved modifications were required to the cube however.

This was especially so in parts of the USA inhabited by pick up driving familes.

Rubiks cube for dumb kids
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The cube is certainly one for the thinkers of this world.

Do cube with hammer
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But leave it to the world's biggest solutions company to bring us the best non-functioning Rubiks cube ever.

Bill Gates pretend cube
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And some nerd we found on Google who has the best tattoo ever.

Rubiks cube tatoo
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All right then, enough of the Rubik's cube, and onto other exciting puzzles.

This next puzzle is not from Crystal Maze, and is an interesting little Car Parking Challenge.

Let's finish off with this great puzzle prank.
Who wouldn't love doing these funny jigsaw puzzles!

We're off to find our way through a maze of weekend activities ahead of us.

Big Passy Wasabi

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