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Decimal and Percentage Games

Pirates Game Partial

Here at Passy World we are contantly searching the web to find great free stuff that can be used for fun and learning. Because learning should be fun !

But sorry there is no fun for Apple users, because these games are in Flash and Java.

Thanks to Apple's designers, Flash and Java do not run on ipods or ipads.
We do have an ipad here at Passy World, but hope to replace it in the near future with an Android tablet with USB connection and Flash and Java capability.

In this post we present a great collection of free online games for gaining skills in dealing with decimals, fractions, and percentages.

If Blogger sites are blocked in your school, then you can also read this post at our Mathematics blog on WordPress by clicking the link below:

Note that to get to each Game, it is necessary to Click the Link that we have supplied. Clicking the screen shot of the Converter, does not take you to the online app.

(Eg. Because it is a bit tricky to do picture links in Blogger, we haven't connected each screen shots to it's app, but instead provided a direct text link at the end of each review.)

We have certainly checked out a lot of games on the web, and here we give you the best of the best! So let the fun begin.

"Mission Magnetite"


Mission Magnetite involves Fractions and Percents.

In this fun game we click a percent first into it’s bottom circle, and then click it’s equivalent fraction, and then into the last bottom circle the appropriate drawing.
It is a race against time to complete the puzzle before the rocket fills with fuel.

“Bravo Millionaire”


In this one or two player millionaire game, we can practice changing fractions and decimals into percents. It is well done and lots of fun.

Click here to play Fractions Decimals Millionaire

“Bravo Jeopardy”


In this really fun jeopardy game we change fractions to decimals and percents and vice-versa. We can play this game by solo, or with our friends, or in teams. Remember to click on your character to get them to buzz in first for the answer.

Click here to play Fractions Decimals Jeopardy

Decimal Place Values - American Football Game

USA Football

In this American football math game, we solve decimals place value problems. For each correct answer, we earn seven points, but we lose three points for each incorrect answer.

Use the mouse to move the ball thrower left and right, and when it looks a good time to pass to your layer, then click the mouse to do the pass.

After the pass is completed, we get to do a math question on decimals.

Click here to play the American Football Game

Rounding Decimals to Whole Numbers - Soccer Game


In this Soccer game we practice our knowledge about rounding decimals to the nearest whole numbers. You have to answer each question correctly to get a chance to kick the ball. You must score enough goals to move on to the next level!

To round a decimal to the nearest whole number, look at the digit that indicates the tenth place value. If this digit is greater than 5, you have to round the decimal up. If that digit is less than 5, you have to round the number down. Erase the decimal point.

Example: 31.78 rounded to the nearest whole number is 32, because 7 is greater than 5, therefore we have to round the number up.

56.2 rounded to the nearest whole number is 56, because 2 is less than 5, therefore we have to round the number down to the nearest whole number.

The game also includes rounding to tenths, hundredths, and thousandths.

Note that to kick goals we first mouse click how much power we want to apply, and then mouse kick again to have the kick at goal.

Click here to play Soccer Rounding Game

Rounding Decimals - Baseball Game


In this baseball math game we practice our knowledge about rounding decimals. We first need to click the mouse on the batter when the ball is pitched to get a home run.

After this we get to answer a rounding off question. Each correct answer gives 1000 points and each incorrect answer takes away 1000 points from our score. The game has several levels, but we need to get enough home runs to advance from one level to the next.

Click here to play Baseball Rounding Decimals Game

Mixed Decimal Mathematics

The following web page has a listing of several Decimal Mathematics Games including adding, subtracting and multiplying questions. Do some of these if you need to learn more about decimals than we have covered here.

Percentage of a Number - Balloon Invaders

Balloon Invaders

This game is like a Space Invaders type game to play, and is really fun.
Use the arrow keys to move the shooter, and space bar to shoot.

Percent Discount - Discounts at Troy's Toys

Troys Toys

This game is quite challenging, and for some people they might need a calculator to divide the % value by 100, and then multiply by the dollar amount.

Percents Fractions Decimals - "Decention" Game

Decention Grps of 3

“Decention" involves Percents Fractions and Decimals Groups of 3 Matching.

Use the mouse to move the players into circles in groups of 3, then click the “Check” button to see how things are going. The groups of three have to be equal values. For example 4/5 and 0.8 and 80% belong in a group of three because they are all representations of 80 percent.

Fractions and Percent - Memory Matching Game

Matching Memory

This Memory Matching game is very challenging, as we can only reveal two squares at a time, and have to remember what was under each square as we continue through the game. It will teach fractions and their percent equivalents, as well as improve memory.

Fractions Decimals Percent - Matching Game

BBC Red Blue Buttons

This matching game has the player click pairs of circles, and if they match correctly they turn red, and go into the answer box in the top left hand corner.

Click here to play Fractions and Decimals Matching Game

Viewing Percentages Activity

BBC View Pizza

This is not so much of a game as an activity, where percentages can be viewed as part of a Pizza, a number of people, how full a jug is, or how much chocolate is left.
We simply click down and hold the mouse button, and then drag the % value from the right hand table, into the black action box, and the picture changes.

Click here to do BBC Viewing Percentages Activity

Percentages to Fractions - Private Investigator Game

Percent PI

In this game we solve the mystery of the burgled bank vault with Percentage P.I.
Visually we locate percent values on Pie Charts and learn the fractions associated with percentages.

Percentage Discount

Sorry Picture Not Found

This game teaches how to calculate percentages, as well as rounding off Answers. It is a UK game, and so money is in pounds and pence.

Click here to play Percentages Discount Game

Ordering Decimal Numbers Activity

Order Percents

In this game we push down our mouse button and drag the left hand decimal values, over onto the right hand number line. We can click “Check” anytime to see how we are going, but we lose a life is a decimal is in the incorrect position.

Click here to do BBC Ordering Percents Challenge

Percentages Mystery Game

Percents Mystery Map

This game is a movie mystery story with percentage puzzles along the way. Requires sound to hear the story. Very well produced and entertaining. Note that you need to mouse over area names on the map to find out how many squares they actually are.

Click here to play BBC Percentages Mystery Game

Fraction Decimal Percent

Glossers Maths Goodies

This game is basically a set of quizzes which get progressively harder as we move through each 10 question game. It lacks action, but is good for practicing our skills.

Whole Numbers Place Value

Place Value Millionaire

This Millionaire game contains whole number tens, hundreds, thousands, place value questions and is good fun. Can be played in one player or two player mode.

Decimal Place Value - Pirates Game

Place Pirates

This is a fun game where we have to choose which Pirate to cast our sword on, depending on the decimal place given at the top of screen information box.
We move our sword to the correct Pirate and then click the mouse button.

Decimals Number Line

Place Value Cops

In this game we have to type in a decimal value in between the two values they give us, and gradually work our way along the number line to the house where the criminal is hiding. Note that values like 0.5 have to be entered in the bottom right hand box as .5 (eg. There is no room for the leading zero).

Click here to play Decimal Detective Game

Putting Decimals in Order

Olympic Medals in Order

In this Olympic Medals awards ceremony, choose the Long Jump even to do decimals. Drag the country to a Position number in the "Pos" column. Then click on this number with the mouse to have to country's details entered in there. Once all countries are in, click the Award Medals Button.

Fractions to Decimals - Puppy Race Game

Puppy Chase

Getting this Puppy Race game started is tricky, because if there is only one player then you have to create a game moving through the options and then play against the computer. Not sure how multiplayer works, but the option is there.

Decimals to Fractions - Flying Helicopter Game

Helicopter Flying Chopper

In this flying game we click the mouse button to make our helicopter go up, and let go of the mouse button to let it go down, as it flies through the city. We are given a decimal value in the middle of the screen, and have to fly above or below the decimal towards the correct Fraction answer. If we fly too high or too low, or hit the decimal, the game ends.

The game takes a while to get used to, and it is very annoying that there is not a restart button. To restart a game we have to reload/refresh the web page with our browser.

Fractions to Decimals - Alien Invaders

Dec Alien Invaders

In this Invading Aliens game we get to save the world from invading decimals by converting the fraction value given in the left hand corner to a decimal. We move the fraction man superhero using the arrow keys, and use the space bar to shoot. Note that the webpage loads the game in slowly, so we have to wait a minute or two for it to come in.

Decimals to Fractions Tester

Dec to Fracs Tester

This is an online quiz activity. Note that we get given some study notes first, then we need to scroll down the web page to do the quiz that is shown above. When a decimal value is given, click the yellow fraction button which is equal to the given decimal value.

Percents to Fractions Tester

Per frac tester

This is an online quiz activity. Note that we get given some study notes first, then we need to scroll down the web page to do the quiz that is shown above. When a Percent is given, type the /100 fraction in the answer box, and then click the yellow "Check" box. Note that we do not reduce fraction answers down, so that 80% is 80/100 and not 4/5 in this game.

Percents to Decimals Time Trial

Per decs time trial

In this Time Trial activity, we type the answer in the answer box and then press enter, (or click the check box). We are then given immediate feedback about our answer. At the end of the time we get a % accuracy score for our work.

Decimals to Percents Time Trial

Dec to Perc Time trial

In this Time Trial activity, we type the answer in the answer box and then press enter, (or click the check box). We are then given immediate feedback about our answer. At the end of the time we get a % accuracy score for our work.

So that's a big percentage of the best available free online games. Give them all a go and have some fun learning mathematics.

The sad thing is that a large percentage of Apple device owners will never got to play these games, because Apple does not support Flash and Java.

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    Thank you for such a comprehensive selection of activities for Gr 3/4 students to practise their fractions concepts. My students will enjoy them next week.
    Mrs Lynch

  2. Hi Mrs Lynch, glad to hear the students will be having fun, because Maths should be fun! I have recently just started a WordPress blog devoted exclusively to Mathematics. This Games post is also featured there. It might be handy, if your school blocks Blogger sites. This is the link:
    Enjoy, Passy.