Friday, July 22, 2011

Geometry Friday Funny

crooked pub blue sky
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Hi there, it's good to be at the gateway to another weekend. This Friday we are poking some fun at Geometry. If that doesn't add up, then it's not supposed to, because it's Geometry!

Let's hope this Friday Funny makes everyone a lot happier than this unfortunate little chap.

Bike with square wheel
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There is right and wrong geometry for everything. Whoever designed that bike never heard wheels on the bus going round and round.....

What makes them go round?

The fact that they are round you dodecagon!

Speaking of things going round and round, here is an interesting little science experiment. (Warning: Don't try this at home!)

Keeping with circles as our geometric shape under close scrutiny, we all know that plane engines have circular openings, and the plane is cylindrical in shape.

Even though the geometry theory has been implemented in the following example, there still seems to be something annoyingly wrong.

engine in middle plane swiss
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When dealing with plane engines, it is important to remember that square things don't fit into round holes.

truck crash in plane engine
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Not all things fit in square holes either, no matter how much money you throw at the problem!

lambo not fit in garage
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Spacial geometry tells us that an air traffic controller's circular screen could not fit this many planes taking off at once.

Lots of planes taking off
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But it's not just humans who struggle with the complexity of geometry.

cute cat has trouble with geo
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But like all species, there are always those members of superior intelligence.

This next cool cat has certainly blitzed triangles on his latest geometry test!

cat in triangle shape
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Here is a video crash course in geometry. They reckon you can learn geometry in 48 seconds! Amazing!

If learning by video is not your style, then you could always read a book on geometry. There are books about everything these days.

geometry of pasta book
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Okay, time we squared up this post by actually adding a humor item.

triangle making a pass at another triangle
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Here is a mini quiz on what we have learned so far.

Spot the odd one out:

hexagon wrong pic
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Answer: The Octagon should have eight sides. The red shape in the picture above only has six sides, so it is actually a Hexagon.

Rectangles are a great shape to use for parking cars.

As simple as this may seem, some drivers just don't get it!

Sorry Picture Not Found
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You don't really need to know Geometry to be a rock star, but it certainly might improve your parking.

That was a very exciting stunt, squarely captured on car park security cam.

If only geometry could always be that exciting!

That's it for another funny week.

Hope you get around this weekend, and you liked the angle we took on geometry in this post.

Big Passy Wasabi

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