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Online Calculators and Converters

Basic Calculator

The Internet is brilliant for finding just about everything!

It is especially easy to find plenty of free online apps for calculating and converting.
There are free online converters for just about anything you could ever want to do.

My son told me that Google is the best search engine for finding converters. Whenever he hits a problem he cannot do in "Matheletics" online games, he just Googles to find a converter app that can get him the answers he needs.

In this post we provide links to our favorite free online converters.

If Blogger sites are blocked in your school, then you can also read this post at our Mathematics blog on WordPress by clicking the link below:

Note that to get to each converter, it is necessary to Click the Link that we have supplied. Clicking the screen shot of the Converter, does not take you to the online app.

(Eg. Because it is a bit tricky to do picture links in Blogger, we haven't bothered connecting the screen shots to the apps, but instead provided direct text links.)

Scientific Calculator

Sci Calc

This calculator works like TI and Casio calculators, and so is very easy to use. It also has a "Full Size" button we can click to make it go full screen.

Click the link below to use this scientific calculator online.

Graphing Calculator

Graphing Calc

The above online calculator can draw graphs with up to four different variables input.

As shown above, we enter a Quadratic Parabola in the form: x*x + 2*x + 1

Online Basic Calculator

Basic Calculator

This calculator can be used online to do any basic calculation, and is full screen size.

Even without special function buttons, we can still do tasks like converting Fractions to Percentages.

Eg. To convert 1/4 to % we could type in 1 divided by 4 then x100 and then press the equals button to get our required answer of 25%.

Online Percentage Calculators

Here are some Online Percentage Calculators that are very useful.

Fraction to Decimal Calculator

Frac Dec Calculator

Simply enter the fraction we want to convert into the bottom right hand corner area and then click the "Calculate" button.

Percentages and Amounts Calculator

Per Calc

This calculator is easy to use and gives Percentages and Values as shown above. Pick which calculation you want to do. You do not have to do both calculations like we have done.

3-Way Online Percent Calculator

Sorry Picture Not Found

Fractions and Percents Converters

Per Frac Calc

These two calculators can be found at the following links, and work as shown above.


Fractions Calculators

"Calculator Soup" has a full set of fractions calculators, including Simplifying, Conversions, and Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

To use any of these great free online calculators, simply click the link below:

Rounding Off Calculator

Rounding Off

"Calculator Soup" also has a great rounding off Calculator that can do whole numbers as well as decimals rounding.

Factors Calculator

Factors Calc

This calculator finds all of the factors of any number.

Highest Common Factor Calculator

HCF Calc

This calculator will find the Highest Common Factor for a group of number. Remember to separate the numbers with commas when entering them.

Multiples Calculator

100 Multiples

This online calculator gives the first hundred multiples of any number.

World Time Converters

Time Zone Time

The "Time and Date" website has everything we need for working our World Time. As shown above, it is very easy to use the world time converter.

World Time Now

World Clock

The "Time and Date" website also has a World clock we can bring up that tells us the current time in all of the world's major cities.

Metric Length Converter

Length Converter

The following web page has an easy to use metric length converter.

Calculators to Convert Anything

Conver Anything

The "Online Conversion" website has calculators to convert just about anything: Length, Weight, Volume, Angles, Temperature, Cooking Measures, etc. Go to this page and then navigate down through the calculators to find what you need.

Currency Conversion

Money Converter

The XE converter has been around for a few years and is very easy to use.

Once we have our converted result, we can click on the "Rates" tab to see the current major conversion rates for the two currencies we just converted.

Rates Tab

We get a listing of conversion rates like this.

Money Rates

Note the above listing also has "Inverse" values for going backwards, from say Canadian Dollars to Australian dollars, where 1 Canadian will get 0.96891 Australian.

Simple Interest Calculator

Simple Int

This is a great online Interest Calculator, because it gives a fully worked solution on the answer page.

Simple Int Ans

This is a very impressive piece of web page programming.
You can access the calculator at this link:

Compound Interest Calculator

Compound Interest

This is a Compound Interest Calculator, which allows for a savings plan, where we can add to our money each month if we want to.

If we did not want to have any extra amount added, we could just set the
"Add an extra" to box zero.

This is a very well set up application.

Discount Calculator

Percent Discount

We can use this calculator to get discounts. But this calculator is extra nice, because we can also enter the "Reduced" discounted price, and will it will calculate the original price.

So the calculator works in both directions.

Note that we always have to enter the Percent Value, but we only have to enter one of the three items on the top input line.

There is a Calculator for anything!

Just Google for what you want, (for example, something like "Roman Numerals" which we haven't included on our post), and click the first item that comes up in Google that is non-sponsored.

Well that's everything converted !

Big Passy Wasabi

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