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Spiderman Friday Funny

fat spiderman cartoon
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This week we've got a bit caught up in the web, and the Friday Funny is slightly late. Blame it all on Spiderman, and his infernal sticky web!

This trailer spoof of Spiderman 3 is so bad it is actually funny. It has had over 3 million views on YouTube, and so why not rack up another one.

But what does Spiderman do to fill in time in between sequels of his movies ?

spiderman with russian guys
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Does he have to get petty street busking jobs like this one as a rap dancer come stunt man ?

can of bug spray kills rapping sm
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Or does Spiderman wander around still keeping the streets safe, but getting fat from eating too many cheeseburgers and donuts.

fat spiderman suit guy punching someone
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Spiderman Jokes I

Why is Superman stupid?
Because he wears his underwear over his pants.

Why is Batman more stupid?
Because he wears his underwear over his pants and puts on a belt over his underwear.

Why is Robin even more stupid?
Because he followed what batman did.

Why is Wonder Woman stupid?
Because she wears a belt on her head.

Why is Spiderman the most stupid superhero of them all?
Because he wears his underwear over his head.

What we didn't know until researching this week's funny, was that Rowan Atkinson of Mr Bean fame has even had a go at a bit of web weaving work.

"Spider-Plant Man" is a parody of Spider-Man, made for the Comic Relief 2005 appeal and aired on BBC One on March 11, 2005.

Spider Plant Man - Part 2

Did you know that there is also a Spider Girl?

girl in spiderman costume
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No not the girl in the fancy dress outfit, or the following bizarre photo-shopped "Aracnowoman":

bizarre photoshop spider girl
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but a comic book superhero, (or is that heroine?). That's not the drug heroin, but the super save the world type comic girlie.

spider girl comic book
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There has also been some Spiderman type game play action captured in Halo, purely an accidental coincidence, or so we have been told by the players concerned.

Halo spidrman kiss
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Spiderman Jokes 2

Q: Why does Spiderman need to get to the computer so badly?
A: To search the world wide web!

Q: Where's Spiderman's home page?
A: On the world wide web.

Q. Who runs Spiderman's web site?
A. He does it himself because he is a web master.

Here is a classic YouTube voice over clip of a famous scene from Spiderman.

So what does Spiderman do to keep amused between movies....we have really been trying to figure this one out.

Does he just chill out playing guitar ?

comic sm plays guitar
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Or does he join the "Peace Corps" and do charity work in third world countries.

asian spiderman with kids van
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No he does none of these things!

He works at what he knows best: clinging to buildings at excessive heights.

spiderman window washer
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Speaking of work, we got to get out of this web and go do some.

Big Passy Websabi

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