Friday, August 12, 2011

Demotivational Friday Funny

Motivation equals robot job
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This week we were not feeling all that motivated by the time Friday rolled around. So we thought we would take a look at some of our favorite "Demotivational" posters.

Here at Passy World we hate real motivational posters! Mainly because of two miserable years we spent working on an IT Project that was managed by this butthole Texan company called "EDS", who thankfully are no longer in business.

They had these stupid lame motivational and propaganda posters everywhere!

No matter where you turned in the office, you couldn't help but see one of these corny pieces of pure pap.

That's probably why we now like "Demotivational" Posters so much here at Passy World. Unlike those lying swine at EDS, Demotivational posters tell it like it really is!

As you probably know, Passy World is based in Australia, and for some strange reason a lot of people are put off from coming out here for a holiday.

Map of Aust with problems
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Except Oprah wasn't scared to come here. Our native animals are very scared of Oprah, and so is Big Passy!

Sure, there is the occasional shark in the surf here in Australia, but don't let that put you off.

Surfer with shark in wave
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Cricket is a big sport here in Australia, but oh my goodness it is so damn boring!

Here at Passy World we do not like Cricket at all.

Here is one of the many reasons why.

Drunk Cricket Players
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Did we mention that there are lots of sharks here in Australia?

Kayak dude with big shark
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Tennis is also a popular sport in Australia, and one that Big Passy used to play a lot of.

But I was never the guy in this photo.

Tennis losing
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My Grandma likes playing Lawn Bowls, but she also likes dancing.

Break Dance grandma
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We even have Goths in Australia. (We are very multicultural you know).

Goth conformists
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We have lots of cows that we send to Indonesia.

But a few are left behind, because they are not fit for export.

Odd one out cows
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We don't have any Pandas; but you'd think China would give us a heap of them. How much coal and mineral dirt out of our ground have we given to them!

Panda spewing rainbows
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Finally here is one guy who is the coolest of cool.

He would definitely be welcome anytime as a refugee to Australia.

Singapore passport batman superman
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Gotta go get motivated for a big weekend,

Big Passy Wasabi

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