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Google Keyword Tool

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Google Adwords "Keyword Tool" is a fantastic free researching tool!

It allows us to find out what people are searching for on the Internet, and what keywords they search on.

Here at Passy World we are not interested in the advertising side of things. We are interested in finding out what people are looking for on the internet.

In particular we want to know what words they are typing into the Google search box when they look for certain material.

Our angle on this at Passy World, involves using Keyword research to help us choose better titles for our Blog Posts. Titles that will contain the right type of keywords, so that people can easily find them when using search engines.

There are quite a few video Tutorials on the "Keyword Tool" on YouTube, and here are a couple that we found particularly useful.

Video Tutorial Part 1 - Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Here is the second part of the Tutorial, that is all about how prices work in Google Adwords.

This is of interest to people in marketing and advertising, as to where websites can be advertised, and what sort of prices are involved.

Here is one example of how we recently used the Google Keyword Tool.

We had a post for our "Passy's World of Mathematics" site that was all about how Geometry is used in a range of different jobs and professions.

We were thinking of calling the post: "Geometry in Jobs".

However when we put "Geometry Jobs" in the Google Keyword Tool, we obtained the following results:

Keyword Tool Results

These results indicated to us that it would be a good idea to call our post
"Jobs With Geometry", since this is what people most frequently search for in Google.

As a result, we called our post "Jobs With Geometry", rather than "Geometry in Jobs".

Google Keyword Tool is also very useful for authors, when they are thinking about how to title their next book, or for people setting up websites, who are wondering what name to call their site.

The best thing about Google Keyword Tool is that it is 100% free!

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