Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make Toondoo Cartoons


ToonDoo is a free online cartoon maker which is lots of fun. It is very easy to get started with, and only requires a valid email address to sign up.

Here is a great Slideshare Presentation that takes you through step by step on how to sign up for free and use Toondoo.

Click the bottom right hand corner symbol to go fullscreen, and then use Esc key to come back to this blog post.

Here is a short three minute YouTube video on how to make your first cartoon, once you are signed up to Toondoo.

The only thing we found tricky was that when we were in the cartoon editor, and had saved our cartoon, there is no button we could find to click to take us back out to the main Toondoo page. Instead we had to use the browser's back button to find our way out.

The other thing to know is that when we save our cartoon, it saves into the "My Toondoos" area of our online account.

We can then go into this area, by using the top left hand corner "Toons" button, and clicking "My Toondoos".

Next we click on our cartoon, and under it will be options to save it as a .PNG file, or to print it, or share it through social media or email.

We can also get embed code for our Toondoo to put it on our blog or webpage as another one of the options.

If we want to make a sequence of our cartoons into a book, there is a flip book maker on the Toondoo site.

Or we could save our cartoons from Toondoo to our PC, and Insert them into a PowerPoint or Word Doc.

There are also character creator tools, and other features like uploading your own images, which we have not tried out, but look good.

The Toondoo main site is at the following link:


So give Toondoo a go, it is lots of fun for story-telling and making quick little comics.

Big Passy Wasabi

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