Saturday, September 10, 2011

Animated GIFs Friday Funny

Two Pandas Dancing
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The students in my ICT class love animated GIFs. There are certainly some very funny ones out there on the Internet.

An animated GIF can be made in Adobe Fireworks by making several image frame pictures, which then play one after each other in a continuous loop.

There are certainly some people out there making some very clever animations using this basic technique.

This week we are taking a quick look at some of our favorite mini animations.

Unfortunately the following GIF is a little bit on the small side, but it is simple and funny.

Cat throwing dog in air
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Animated GIFs can also be made by capturing a set of "stills" from a video, and then copy and pasting them into an image processing program like Adobe Fireworks.

Soccer Fail
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The following animation is a real favorite of ours. Just the idea of putting Sadam on a tricycle is so funny, but then with added animation it is brilliant.

We especially like how Sadam starts pedaling slowly, and then the animation quickly increases to full speed. (To see this happen. click on the picture to open it in a separate window). Definitely a 10/10 animation!

sadam tricycling tanks
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This animation is simple but effective.

elephant squirting trainer
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Here is another 10/10 brilliant animation. It looks very realistic, and would have taken a lot of clever work to make.

plane flapping its wings
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This one is so cute.

cat playing guitar
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Here is "Big Cat" listening to some cool songs that Little Cat made and uploaded to Itunes recently.

leapord listening to music
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Being a typical rock star "bad boy" type, Little Cat got into a bit of trouble with the law, and is currently on the run heading for Las Vegas.

cats in getaway car with chopper
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Little Dog doesn't seem too fussed that Little Cat is missing his Birthday Party.

dog grinning with false teeth
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This next one is a brilliant idea, and brilliantly executed.

mini tramp on bush's head
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Here are a couple of animations especially for "Alexander the Panda".

panda rocking horse
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And another interesting Panda animation.

panda jack in the box
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Finally, on a more serious note, here is a Christmas Card Animated GIF that we made here at Passy World a while ago.

Passy animated gif xmas card
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If you want to learn how to use Adobe Fireworks to make your own animated GIFs, (with a complete set of detailed step by step instructions), then click the following link.

Well we better go and get ourselves a bit more animated, because we've got a lot to do this weekend.

Big Passy Wasabi

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