Friday, September 2, 2011

Beauty Friday Funny

confucious beauty emo
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This week we are laughing at the beauty myth. It must be hard being a modern girl, and expensive buying all of that makeup to plaster onto your face two inches thick!

There are certainly lots of aggressive marketeers out there, all making a grab for the beauty girl's dollar.

plastic surgery ad
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The quest for beauty and ensuing fails can start at an early early age.

young girl beauty comp
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Fashion Parades are always a great venue for beauty fails, as well as the inevitable fashion faux-pas.

druggy looking models
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Here is a classic beauty pageant question fail from a very blonde contestant.

Hmmm... "the eyes have it".

And whatever it is we hope we don't see any more of it!

goofy big eyes
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Ever noticed how drunk girls look so ugly?

drunk club girl
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Even pets are getting depressed about not being beautiful enough.

Botox wrinkly pug dog fail
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It seems Goebbels gets quite upset as well, when he is informed that his plastic surgery is a failure

Here is part 2 of the previous video, where Goebbels really gets upset about his failed plastic surgery.

(Warning: Sub-titled Bad Language in this clip may offend some viewers).

Finally here is a classic TV Beauty Show send up.

Well it's been another BEAUTIFUL Friday Funny!

Big Passy Wasabi

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