Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Friday Funny

Halloween Group of people
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Let's get the pumpkin flaming with this Sims 2 Halloween song.

If you're too lazy to walk around town getting candy, then why not take the car out with you.

Halloween Car
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Better watch out you don't eat that candy all at once; as over eating can have some rather horrific side effects.

Pumpkin sick in Toilet
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Halloween can be a pretty scarey time, especially if you're a young girl waiting on the street to get into a special party.

It can also be a real drag if you are stuck at the office with the guys working back late.

Guys at office with pumpkin helmuts
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But here are some guys who are never bored with Halloween or horrorific occasions, because they live for this stuff.

Here is another one of their clips where Michael Myers gets dumped by his girlfriend.

That kind of stuff is really funny.

laughing pumpkins
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Cows are really funny too, especially when they celebrate Halloween in their own unique style.

Halloween Cows Poster
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Passy's World of Halloween Costumes

Here are our all time favorite picks of Halloween costumes. Some of the outifts aren't nearly as scary as what must be going on in the minds of the people wearing them.

First up: Sponge Bob and Patrick.

Spongebob and Patrick
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Not to be outdone, we have another marvelous pair of friends: Bert and Ernie.

bert and ernie
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Seems these crazy people keep coming in twos, and here are a couple that are as thick as bricks, so to speak.

Lego people
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This next one is a great idea from some very artistic ladies.

crayola crayons girls
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Not to be outdone by the girls, the boys have their own action packed version of Halloween, or was that "halo-ween".

Halo dudes
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Keeping with the gaming Halloween theme, we have Super Mario and friends.

super marios
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Last but not least, the best Halloween Costume ever, and definitely our winner of the "Best and Scariest".

headless woman costume
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Guess we better finish up with something that's actually funny.

Here is a classic Family Guy humor with Jason Voorhees.

Go easy on the candy kids, and have a great Halloween!

Big Passy Wasabi

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