Friday, November 4, 2011

Military Friday Funny

Soldier with leg pulled up
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This week to celebrate the release of Battlefield 3, we have a Wartime Friday Funny.

Warning: It can be a very accident prone life in the modern army.

These guys with their basic apparatus should be fairly safe in the battle field!

tricycle army dudes
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Looks like these soldiers are all ready for Halloween, and can fly to safety easily.

Halloween Witches army dudes on broomsticks
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Time now for us to look at the humorous side of army life.

clown with army
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Here is an absolute classic: the full length version of Monty Python's funniest army joke.

Flying helicopters and driving tanks around Battlefield 3 sure is fun, but imagine how much fun it would be doing the real thing.

overturned tank
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But being part of this Army next manouver doesn't look like too much fun.

Something is definitely very wrong here.

human gun mount
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Time now for a music video of classic funny Army pictures from the web.

Another Monty Python classic: "Marching Up and Down the Square".

Surprised that nobody in that little group suggested going off for a sausage sizzle.

Army Sausage Sizzle
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Saving the best for last, one of our all time favorites: "Black Adder".

Let's finish off with YouTube's top three military fails ever.

But our number one army fail is this one:

Motorbike Wheel Off
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That's it for the War Friday Funny, time to get back to some Battlefield 3
bang bang shoot 'em up.

Big Passy Wasabi

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