Saturday, December 10, 2011

Epic Meal Time Friday Funny

The epic mealtime team
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Hope you guys are hungry for a big Friday Funny, because this week we have one for you that is of epic proportions.

This week we have a look at some of our favorite culinary masterpieces produced by "Epic Mealtime".

Cooking the epic way is all about meat!

grinding meat  pic 1200 cals
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And the meatier the dish, the better.

Death Star Meatball
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Here is a video of a sumptuous group banquet called "Ultimate Meat Garden".

You've got to hand it to these guys, they sure are creative.

All styles of cuisine are more than adequately catered for, as in this example of some tasty treats for all of our Italian friends.

And for gym junkie body conscious people, here is an excellent video about making some awesome protein snacks.

Special occasions are also a treat. What better dish for Valentines Day than some yummy hearts cooked up with bacon.

Valentines day hearts 44k of calories
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That's right, there has to be bacon in every dish!

I'm not sure where these guys get the money for all the meat that they buy, but it is certainly a passion for them, and a true labour of love.

motivational poster more bacon
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Anyway I'm off to fire up the BBQ for an inspired meat fest.

Big Passy Wasabi

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